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Vevs Integration

Vevs and FleetIT Two-way sync

Vevs Integration Features

Effortlessly Manage Tolls and Violations with FleetIT

Revolutionize Your Toll Management:

  • Automatic Fee Capture: Say goodbye to manual data entry! FleetIT automatically captures and transmits toll and violation data to your VEVS platform.
  • Effortless Fee Association: Fees are automatically linked to the corresponding reservation based on the vehicle's license plate and violation date/time.
  • Crystal-Clear Visibility: Gain instant access to all toll and violation fees directly within your VEVS reservation details.
  • Simplified Payment Processing: Send convenient payment links directly to your customers for effortless fee settlement.
  • Complete Tracking: Mark fees as settled with ease, maintaining a clear record of each transaction.
Focus on Your Business, Leave the Tolls to Us

This powerful integration eliminates the burden of manual toll management and ensures you receive every fee owed. With VEVS and FleetIT, you can:

  • Reduce administrative workload: Automate time-consuming tasks and dedicate more time to growing your business.
  • Improve operational efficiency: Streamline your processes and enhance customer satisfaction with faster fee resolution.
  • Increase revenue: Capture all outstanding fees, preventing lost income due to missed tolls and violations.

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