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FleetIT, Toll Management Solutions, and Fleetio, Fleet Management Software, Integrate Their Platforms

FleetIT, Toll Management Solutions, and Fleetio, Fleet Management Software, Integrate Their Platforms

This week, it was announced that FleetIT, the toll management solutions provider, and Fleetio, the web and mobile-based fleet management software, are integrating their platforms to provide Fleetio's customers with toll management software as an addition to their automated suite of tools.

For the first time ever, Fleetio integrates with a toll management solution provider to bring their customer's nationwide toll coverage at reduced rates and complete oversight of their fleet's toll data into their centralized platform.

Now their customers can have insight into their fleet's toll costs on-demand while eliminating unnecessary paper mail and violations, significantly saving them time and money on toll processing.

Combining FleetIT and Fleetio will also provide peace of mind to fleet owners, ensuring their vehicles comply with the regulation of the different toll authorities across the United States for protected traveling.

With this integration, Fleetio increases its offer of fleet management solutions that help its customers automate operations and manage all aspects of a fleet. At the same time, FleetIT keeps consolidating as a reliable and cost-effective toll management solution for the fleet industry in the country.

"We are confident this partnership will make the life of fleet owners and managers much easier as they have all the necessary tools to track their fleet operations and costs in the convenience of one online platform."

Chaim Scheiner

VP at FleetIT

To learn more about Fleetio's, FleetIT integration, please visit https://updates.fleetio.com/new-toll-management-integration-with-fleetit-zcOyI

About Fleetio:

Fleetio builds simple, collaborative software that helps fleets of all sizes track, analyze and improve fleet operations. With a mobile-first mindset and focus on automating the fleet operations process through seamless integrations with business solutions. To learn more about Fleetio, visit www.fleetio.com.

About FleetIT:

Fleetit is a cost-effective way to manage toll-by-plate invoices and toll violations; we service fleets of all sizes, including car/truck rental, trailer/equipment rental, as well as fleet & leasing management companies. To learn more about FleetIT, visit https://fleetit.com/.

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