FleetIT - Nationwide tolls coverage

Terms of Service


1.1 Fleetit ("Service Provider") offers services that enable the electronic payment of toll charges for vehicles ("Vehicles") that pass through toll stations operated by certain governmental, quasi-governmental, or private operators ("Enrolled Toll Authorities"). This helps prevent fines or charges against the vehicle owner or manager ("Customer").

1.2 You, the user of our services, are the Customer as described above.

1.3 The Services are applicable only to Vehicles whose plate numbers ("Plate Numbers") have been provided to Fleetit by the Customer.

1.4 References to "Customer" include both the customer and any independent owners and operators of Vehicles.


2.1 The Agreement starts on the date you accept these Terms of Service and continues for one year ("Term"), unless terminated earlier. The Agreement will automatically renew for an additional year unless either party provides notice of non-renewal as described in the Agreement.

2.2 The Agreement may terminate upon a material breach of its terms by either party, or upon the expiration of the Term.

2.3 You may terminate the Agreement at any time with 30 days' written notice to Fleetit.

2.4 Upon termination, Fleetit will cease to provide Services. Termination does not relieve either party of any obligations incurred prior to termination.


3.1 You will provide Fleetit with a complete list of Plate Numbers for your Vehicles and any other required data.

3.2 You will provide reasonable assistance to support the Services and respond promptly to any requests from Fleetit.

3.3 You will seek approval from Fleetit before making any public statements about Fleetit, the Services, or the Enrolled Toll Authorities.


4.1 Fleetit will maintain the necessary computer systems and processes to support the Services.

4.2 Fleetit will track all toll payments, work with you to ensure proper information transfer, and maintain agreements with Enrolled Toll Authorities to ensure toll payments.


5.1 You are responsible for paying Fleetit for all Customer Liabilities, including Toll Payments, Administrative Fees, and any other fees as set forth in the Agreement.

5.2 Late payments will bear interest and/or incur fees as described in the Agreement.


6.1 This Agreement is binding and may not be assigned by you without prior written approval from Fleetit.

6.2 All notices shall be in writing and effective upon receipt.

6.3 This Agreement is governed by the laws of the State of New York.

6.4 If any provision of these Terms of Service is found to be invalid, it will be modified to the extent necessary to make it valid.

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